U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Roland Fieldhouse



New London, CT


Description of Client and needs:

Roland Field House, as well as most other buildings on the campus of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, is named after a Coast Guardsman who made significant contributions to the service and was a noteworthy mentor for Academy Cadets. When the newer buildings were built, most Cadets knew about the person it was named for but over the years, with generations of newer future officers passing through the halls, much of the naming history was lost.

Scope of Project:

HFA is involved with an ongoing project to tell the story of the named buildings on the USCGA Campus through art and display so the history of these buildings is not lost on future generations of Coast Guard Officers.

HFA approach:

HFA has integrated fine art, personal and service memorabilia and family heirlooms to build a visual story of a building’s namesake’s life and the significance of why a particular building was named for them. This is done using primary reference documents from USCG and Academy archives as well as personal interviews with living persons who can add some “human scale” to the display.